Eric Drozd

Position: Real Estate Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Sales


Chicago born and raised, Eric fell in love with the architecture of this city at an early age. Eric learned so much about construction and design from his Polish immigrant family, who quickly became construction professionals in Chicago. He designed many investment properties while in high school, which left him with no doubt about what degree to pursue. After graduating with a degree in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Eric began working as a designer in Chicago. His knowledge of architecture and interiors is a key asset. Eric can help make one’s current home “magazine ready” for sale, or help imagine an empty listing as the cozy living room every buyer wants.

Eric loves to travel and pulls inspiration from beautiful places visited abroad. At his leisure, Eric enjoys biking around Chicago neighborhoods, trying to decide which home is his favorite. His favorite summer evenings are spent with a Moscow mule on an outdoor patio.

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