John Klick

Position: Real Estate Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Sales and Leasing


John was born and raised in Chicago, transitioning from Lincoln Park, Portage Park, Old Irving Park, and finally Wicker Park. Throw in a 5 year stint in China (我会说中文)and John can understand the needs of people from all around the world and most importantly, the city of Chicago. With his teaching background he knows how to break down the important vocabulary (think HOA, PIN, EM, GRM…) used in the real estate world in a way you can understand.

John strives to build a long-lasting relationship with his clients that starts from scratch and extends beyond closing. Meeting expectations is great, but his goal is to exceed them. This is done with impeccable customer service, open communication, and being available whenever needed. John is totally committed to listening to what you want and then utilizing every resource available to find your ‘unicorn’ property.

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Mailing Address: 2324 W. North Ave

Direct Line: 213.238.8733

Fax Line: 773.252.1126

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