Tony Ercoli

Position: Real Estate Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Sales


The journey of my life has been a winding road. From growing up in the near northwest suburbs of Chicago in a family of tradesmen, engineers and mechanical thinkers, I moved into haut cuisine and spent nearly a decade rising from washing dishes to managing restaurants alongside top chefs of the finest classic cuisine. Immersed in the world of food celebrity, I learned of the beauty that can be found in the simplest pleasures of life; food, drink, friends; as well as the importance of aesthetics in our everyday experiences.
I traveled, met my wife, learned French; I also found my purpose in life and the value that I could bring to others. Using the skills from my upbringing, in tandem with my understanding of commercial spaces, I developed a successful business doing repairs to restaurants, commercial spaces and homes. I asked questions, learned systems and built a practice doing everything from replacing light switches to complete home remodeling. I realized that very few people actually understand how a home works or is constructed, and that many people that I liked and respected had been sold a home or investment property that was not really the right fit for them. At the same time, I watched others lose potential profit as the best features and benefits of their home or business were not highlighted in the marketing of the property.
My mission is to make sure that all my clients understand the home-buying process and know how to add value to a property once they own it. My goal is always to help my clients find the best home for themselves and their families.
As a Realtor®, I’ve been able to marry my skills in customer service, aesthetics and home function with my determination to educate and assist my clients in getting the smoothest transactions and best possible outcomes.

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