ONE OF THE MANY UNIQUE ASPECTS of North Clybourn Group is their in-house Design Department. From concept to creation, the design team works with clients as active partners to set their visions into motion and meticulously execute the details until that vision has materialized. This type of collaboration between design and real estate is exclusive to NCG and has evolved naturally through continual business relationships with long-term developer clients. The overwhelming success of this model inevitably led to an increase in development projects, which in turn led to a greater demand for professional design services. Over the span of 20 years, the design team has molded into a full-service department that has solidified itself as an irreplaceable part of each project.

Design Services

As a preliminary stage to the process, the Design Department will provide space planning consultations, working with developers to evaluate existing floor plans. They will make improvement or enhancement recommendations in an effort to optimize the market appeal of any project. With their combined experience in design and the real estate industry, the designers can provide expert suggestions in both design and function.

Regardless of the vision for a project, the design team will bring it to life and transform any space. Endless combinations of color, texture and material are curated to form stylish and aspiring spaces that buyers will get excited about. They work closely with developers to select both exterior and interior finishes. From walls to windows, cabinetry to countertops, selections are made to create a consistent look for developments while providing personalized options for buyers’ individual tastes.

The Design Department creates a presentation package for each new construction project showcasing the unique selections of the specific project. Serving as an invaluable selling tool, this visual guide also helps to streamline the real estate transaction and ensure an organized and well-managed process. Included is a detailed Design Look Book, giving Buyers an in-depth and professional preview of finish options so they have exactly what they need to envision their new home.

This package also includes project highlights, floor plans and detailed specifications additionally serving as a Finish Schedule for buyers, sales agents, designers and project managers to reference during the construction process. This document is included as an exhibit to the sales contract to ensure that all parties are working in harmony.