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Landlord Services

NCG provides every landlord with a Comprehensive Analysis that gives them access to research and insight to industry data that is relevant to their property. This gives each client the necessary information to set an accurate and competitive listing price.

Upon signing a listing agreement, each landlord will be assigned a dedicated leasing agent who will manage the process from start to finish. They will take photos of the space, create a detailed description and aggressively advertise online on over 15 sites including the MLS, craigslist, hotpads and Zillow. Posts are kept current and updated frequently so a qualified tenant is found in a timely manner.

With North Clybourn Group’s vast network, the matchmaking process has never been easier. A customer who did not find the right fit in one property, could find the perfect fit in another. Over 1,000 landlords have put their rental needs in the hands of NCG, a team invested in working together to find solutions.

Noon or night, weekday or weekend, NCG agents are flexible with their schedules in order to accommodate the ever-changing showings of their landlords’ units. Appointments can be made 24 hours before or up to 90 days in advance, and the NCG agent will handle all correspondence of the showing and act a liaison for the landlord to potential tenants or other agents. Non -intrusive professionalism and notice of appointments makes the experience painless for the occupying tenant and comfortable for the viewer.

Landlords will receive weekly feedback reports to update them on their current listing. They will include the number of showings that have been scheduled, what viewers have thought about the unit and tips on what changes could be made to help rent faster. This feedback will be provided throughout the process to help expedite results.