Karen Biazar

Position: Managing Broker

Areas of Expertise: Seller & Buyer Representation, Primary Residences, New Construction, Specification, Developer Services, Space Planning, Project Management, Land Analysis, Team Management, Rehab, Renovation, Multi-Unit, Investment, 1031 Exchange


Well….where do I start? SOOOOO much to say…so little time…write something about yourself… well, let's be real…it's not always the easiest thing to do….But I guess there's only one place to start…from the beginning…the short version preferably I suppose…(stepping up to the podium, clearing my throat…"tap, tap" uh… is the microphone working?!)

I'm Karen Biazar…born in the age of Aquarius on the North side of Chicago to 1st generation eastern euro folk…adopted…chosen, more specifically…wasn't even supposed to be here by any stretch of the imagination…yet TADA!!!! Here I am…. Someone to be contended with…giving my best at whatever I do…never giving up…never giving in…self made…No silver spoon in my mouth …My father used to say "You kids will never understand the value of a dollar". Coming from a man who grew up during the depression, ate mashed potatoes for dinner and made jello on the back porch because they didn't have a refrigerator…that's a serious statement! Motivating at the very least. In any event, those words ring thru my ears regularly and the lesson I learned from that statement has carried over into my adult life in many ways…I started North Clybourn Group with $100 and an idea…and I'm proud to introduce, without further ado…my career. I was not a genius, a strategist, or MBA…just in the right place at the right time…with the right idea and the right ATTITUDE.

Have I reached the part where I get to tell you how I know my sh*t and that I kick a*s daily? Where I let you know that I am the coolest mom and some very lucky guy's wife who thanks God for being married to a superwoman for the past thirty plus year’s…Where I do more before breakfast than the US Marine Corp… Where I get to say that I am the best second baseman in 12-inch fast pitch, play racquetball, work out regularly, lift weights, run, ski and swim and kicked a pack a day habit? Where I couldn't have done any of this without keeping it simple and straight up.

Welcome to home cooked real estate 101…where the daily specials never change from getting the straight dope and the job done…real world…real solutions…real honest…really.

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Mailing Address: 2324 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Direct Line: 773.645.7900

Fax Line: 773.252.1126

Email Address: karen@ncgchicago.com

Personal Website http://biazargroup.com