Karla Tejada

Position: Broker

Areas of Expertise: Buyer Representation, First Time Buyers, New Construction, Resale, Multifamily, Primary Residences, Seller Representation


Karla Tejada, a native of Guatemala, has resided in Chicago for the past three decades. Relocating to a foreign country at the age of 7 without knowledge of the language presented a formidable obstacle, instilling in her a drive to improve her quality of life and that of her loved ones. Following an extended tenure in the hospitality industry, Karla transitioned into construction, collaborating with a construction company owner, which heightened her interest and catalyzed her initiation into real estate.

Karla's character exhibits a plethora of admirable attributes. Her acumen concerning Chicago's diverse neighborhoods, coupled with her integrity, attentiveness, and responsiveness, renders her a highly productive and sought-after real estate professional. Whether interacting with first-time purchasers or seasoned investors, she prioritizes addressing each of their concerns and requirements.

Karla's distinctive amalgamation of competencies, such as her proficiency in Spanish and English, knowledge of multifamily markets, and previous experiences in hospitality and construction, have culminated in her status as a preeminent broker of residential and multi-family properties in the Chicagoland area. In addition to achieving optimal results on every deal, she places great emphasis on cultivating lasting relationships with her clients that evolve into meaningful friendships.

Outside the realm of real estate, Karla relishes outdoor activities, such as exploring new destinations, cooking, reading, and hiking mountains worldwide, demonstrating her eagerness to confront any challenge.

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Mailing Address: 2324 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Direct Line: 773.876.5643

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Email Address: karla@ncgchicago.com

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