Lisa Magidson

Position: Broker

Areas of Expertise: Seller’s Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Primary Residences, First Time Buyers, New Construction, Multi-Unit, Investment, Consulting


Lisa, a proud native of Chicago, has woven her life's journey through the diverse neighborhoods of this vibrant city. Born in Beverly on the south side, she eventually migrated north to her present home in the eclectic enclave of Bucktown. Her unique experiences and resilient problem-solving skills were honed during her initial career, where she passionately worked with special needs children within the challenging landscape of Chicago Public Schools.

Lisa's transition into real estate was a long-held aspiration, and her innate ability to think outside the box served her well in this dynamic field. As a communicator and self-starter, she has consistently excelled, embodying her motto: "You are not just a client; you are a friend." Her unwavering commitment to her clients transforms them into top priorities, guiding them through the intricacies of buying or renting properties. From attentive listening to identifying individual needs, all the way to the final closing, Lisa's dedication is unwavering.

With an intimate knowledge of Chicago's neighborhoods and real estate trends, she expertly fulfills her clients' objectives, whether they seek excellent schools or an adventurous nightlife. Lisa specializes in helping people relocate seamlessly, leveraging her exceptional follow-up skills and round-the-clock availability.

Beyond her real estate prowess, Lisa actively seeks opportunities to enhance property value, backed by a robust network of reliable contractors. Her primary objective is to keep clients informed, negotiate tirelessly on their behalf, and ensure swift, worry-free closings.

In her leisure moments, Lisa's warm and outgoing personality shines through as she bonds with people. She can be found at the fitness center or taking leisurely walks with her cherished dog, Ginger. Lisa's journey, marked by dedication and genuine care, makes her an invaluable partner for anyone navigating Chicago's real estate landscape.

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Mailing Address: 2324 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Direct Line: 773.691.2049

Fax Line: 773.252.1126

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